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PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN Pte Ltd has more than 7 years experience on web design. Pte Ltd served more than 200 companies including, MNC, listed companies, government sector, SME, non-profit organization and etc. Please refer to Pte Ltd customer profile at .

From our experience and research we realized that there are several reasons, why a corporate needs a website:

1. to generate more public awareness of the company;
2. to enhance the corporate images;
3. to generate more enquiry for company business;
4. to share information through website;
5. to educate the company’s customers about company product and services;
6. to replace the company hard copy brochure;

Your website design is a reflection of your business as well as corporate image. Just as you want your business correspondence to show your best side, you certainly want to have your "best image" for an internet visitor. Whether you have an existing website which needs revamping or creating your first internet presence, we can help you identify and target your audience, creating a site that appeals to your customers. Good design is the key to make your website stand out from the competition.

To set up a website you need a complete website solution, most of the company outside the market only provide some services like web design without web hosting or domain registration. Even though they provide the web hosting, but the server does not belong to them, hence customer facing a problem to deal to too many party just to set up a corporate website. For your information a professional website design need one stop solutions, not just web design it including below all the requirement:

  1. Domain registration Pte Ltd are the reseller for domain registrar , whereby Pte Ltd can immediate access to the domain to change any setting.

  2. Website hosting Pte Ltd own 3 server in 1net Data centre which including 1 web application server, 1 database server as well as 1 real time backup server, all this server is well protected by firewall and antivirus software.

  3. Email hosting Pte Ltd own 1 email server as well as 1 real time back up email server, all this server is well protected by firewall, antivirus as well as anti spamming software.

  4. Conceptual website designer
    Most of the company only have one web designer, Pte Ltd have 3 conceptual designer and 2 website content designer and supervise by a senior web designer. The developing tool to enhance outstanding website including interface graphics, gif animation, flash animation, background music, color schemes and java effect. The different between the conceptual design and content designer is that a conceptual designer is the one who inspire the customer website. Our conceptual designer will conducting primary research, analyzing online customer behavior, and integrating information gathered from offline marketing initiatives , as well as studying the customer corporate image, requirement as well as the customer competitor, than they will propose a conceptual design to the customer, in our term we call it MOCK UP or "look & feel". Customer can give them a opinion to change it or they can request for another mock up, until the customer 100% satisfied. The customer custom design will be unique, outstanding and customer would not find parts of it reused on other websites. You can be assured that your design will stand out from the competitor.

  5. Content Management designer
    Once the conceptual website design is approved by the customer. The content designer will study the structure and the user friendliness as well search engine friendliness of the website, he will than insert all the content to all the web pages. Our designer will make sure that every sub pages of the website will be a stand alone page, some of the designer outside the market like to use the share bolder or frame to save the job, this will cause search engine only reflecting the sub frame instead of the whole web page. Furthermore , our content design will take care the download time of the website, the average visitor will wait 4 to 6 seconds for a page to download. It is important that customer website have something for the visitor within that time or it may lose the visitor forever. We will ensured the website pages to a size which can be downloaded quickly. There are still plenty of potential customers out there using dialup modem to connect to the Internet.

  6. Website Debug and Review
    The professional website should be bug free, some of the web designer out the market using web development tool such as Macromedia dream weaver or Microsoft front page to develop a website, however during the website design process, they may incurred a lot of bug, this will cause the website alignment or text disruption when it appear in the Explorer or other web explorer like Netcape. Pte Ltd’ programmer will be the person in charge to make sure the website is bug free, because normally the web designer may not have a skill to debug the website.

  7. Professional Submission of search engine
    The complete corporate website, should come with the submission of search, most web designer in the market does not provide the professional submission of search engine, what they do is that, they will go for free submission, this matter would not help the customer’s website to be listed inside the major search engine like yahoo, google, msn, altavista, lycos and etc, furthermore the professional submission of search engine need to submit regularly, normally if the website does not submit more than a month, the search engine will ignore the customer website.

  8. Website Maintenance
    Do not assume that your visitor is interested in history .Give your visitor something worth reading in an interesting format and he will return to your site and recommend it to others. The most visited websites are those which offer unique content and easy access to information the visitor cannot find elsewhere.
    Hence, the website maintenance is very important for a corporate website. From time to time customer may need to update the information in the website, Pte Ltd provide services after sales, it mean that the customer may choose to signed up a yearly maintenance contract with Akyweb .com Pte Ltd. This contract may help customer to update whatsoever information customer need to update into the website.

  9. Website Traffic monitoring and analysis system
    We have developed our website traffic monitoring and analysis system, this system can generate more than 20 reports such as visitor hit, unit visitor hit, visitor’s IP address, which search engine does the visitor find your website, what keyword does the visitor use to search your company website from search engine, no of page the visitor have view and etc. Generally, the normal website designer will only produce one visitor hit counter, this hit counter is unable to analyze the actual report as Pte Ltd’s Website traffic monitoring and analysis system does.

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